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The best preparation for good work tomorrow? Doing good work today.
(Cliche? Sure. But it's the truth!)

Most execs agree: Lead Gen counts as good work. The inefficient piece of the lead nurturing process we wanted to replace for our clients: Painstaking manual outreach to cold leads.

We know that LinkedIn is the ideal space to scale leads and grow legitimate networking connections.

It's powerful to pause and integrate an efficient approach to growth with something as critical as lead gen. People think lead gen has to be a struggle, but with technology, we can actually generate warm leads we know are high quality.

Through the power of technology and our team's short + sweet communication style, we generate leads and scale personal communication for our clients.

Does it seem like all your leads are coming from the North Pole? Read on.

Industries + Verticals: Who is The Lead Pilots for?

Our agency works exclusively with clients in the B to B space. More than 80% of our clients are in advanced industries, such as tech and engineering.

Our goal: Let those super smart people do the work only they can do, while we deliver warm leads to their calendars on autopilot through technology driven lead generation.

Humble Brag? Only when we can tout the Facts + Results:

  • Cold email has a less than 1% response rate. Not to mention the GDPR issues.
  • Sponsored Inmail has a 1.5% click-through rate, but no benchmarks on meaningful conversations booked.
  • The average connection acceptance rate for our clients: 35%. This reflects the number of new connections your business can market to. Connections generated by The Lead Pilots are tailored to your specific preferences, so you reach people who actually want to connect and network.
  • The average reply rate for clients using Lead Pilots 12.5%.
  • The Lead Pilots averages 3-5 booked meetings on our client's calendar each week.

Sounds incredible, but are you going to send my business to LinkedIn Jail?

Nope! The Lead Pilots is completely GDPR compliant.

The Results: Testimonials Louder Than Words

Problem #1: No way to scale warm leads + send those leads to networking conferences they'd genuinely be interested in.

Our Solution: Find highly targeted leads by industry + geographical location & send warm conversations to the client's calendar. It helps when you know the lead is interested in a conversation!

Here's a snippet of our result:

We're showing overall that:

2,605 profiles were able to accept invites and 763 of them did accept. That's 29%! 53 replies came in and 45 of them were positive engagements. That's 85%!

We love a happy client: “It's working. An 85% reply ratio. Wow!”
Boyd Falconer, Chief Strategy Officer, FUND Conference

Problem #2: A client in the tech space wanted to easily schedule potential leads for organic lunch in their office as a strong step in the nurturing process.

Our Solution: Send highly personalized communication to targeted leads in the client's region. Nurture those conversations in the background until the lead books lunch with the client.

The Result: “Yes, the response has been fantastic! I am booked solid for the next three weeks!!!” Ashley Powell, TableXI

Our personal communication style generated conversations like these:

Problem #3: A construction tech company wanted to focus their marketing efforts and pursue a more efficient and branded lead gen process.

Our Solution: We implemented The Lead Pilots to generate highly targeted warm leads for our client. Within 6 months, our work generated 237 leads. Our team optimized the funnel and utilized CRM to follow up and engage with leads.

Our Solution: Send highly personalized communication to targeted leads in the client's region. Nurture those conversations in the background until the lead books lunch with the client.

The result: “Since working with North Star HQ, we're outranking every single competitor, and with metrics like that, it's hard to argue.”

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